Invest in your relationships

At the end of life relationships matter most.

Marriage Counseling
Marriage and Relationship Counseling is beneficial to all stages of the relationship. We spend time and money to maintain our vehicles and houses because they have value. Our relationships should be no different.

While each relationship is unique, there are many common struggles present in all relationships. Learning how to communicate clearly, conflict effectively, and validate one another will strengthen not only your marriage, but all of your relationships

Family Counseling
Family counseling provides the opportunity for families to work through challenging issues with a third party who will be sure each side is being represented fairly.
It can be difficult for families to identify their own destructive tendencies as a result of being intertwined within the same family system.

It is productive for all type of families whether it’s blended, single-parent, or traditional.

Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling enables you to custom fit treatment to your desired needs whether that is working towards healing from past trauma, preparing for the future, or gaining insight into how to overcome a recurring struggle.

Individual counseling offers the ability to get objective and trustworthy feedback from someone who is unbiased. It is also provided in a non-judgmental environment.

Pre-Marital Counseling
Pre-marital counseling is a great investment on your future marriage or an excellent way to determine whether you should get married at all. Marriage is a huge commitment and warrants

We use a program called SYMBIS that is a comprehensive assessment of your relationship.
It identifies your strengths, weakness, personalities, and how you fit together as a couple. It also customizes a workbook style report for you to use as you step into your marriage. There is $35 charge to take the assessment and then $100 for the counseling session to review the results.

Cash, credit card, or check is accepted and payment is due upon arrival.

Cancellations without a 24hr notice will incur the full cost of the missed appointment.

*Session is 50 minutes and is by appointment only.

  • Connector.

    Tom Worthley, LCSW


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    Beth denHartog, LPC-A